AirServer – An Apple TV Alternative?

Yesterday I stumbled across AirServer, My first impression was “this is going to be a poor attempt at an app” or “I bet it only works with certain apps” however to my amazement this works with every app. It supports mirroring on the iPhone 4s and iPad 2 / new ipad.

All of a sudden it had my attention and I was impressed.  Setup was easy simply install and pick a name and bang my iPhone 4s showed the AirPlay icon I clicked my MacBook and whatever was on my iPhone was display on my mac.

I walked around trying it with a low signal and it held out pretty well, I played games, movies and music to see if it stuttered and to my amazement it didn’t.  Even the sound comes through the Mac just like an Apple TV.

For only £8 for 3 Pcs / Macs this is a contender for schools that can’t yet afford to be buying Apple TVs for the classroom. I can’t wait to use this in the classrooms after 1/2 term, all of a sudden the way we use the iPad and iPhone can change…… all for just £2.60.

In the future I hope the iPod touch supports mirroring using AirPlay.

Whilst AirServer is great I think with the mirroring coming with the new realsese of Apples OS mountain Lion much supports mirroring via a Mac then the Apple TV will be the choice of hardware for the classroom.  Until then AirServer is a sure winner for me!!


What are you thoughts on it? Have you tried using it?