#edtechcc My Preliminary Task

Hello my name is Lewis.  I always talk to a lot of the students at Collegiate High School, in Blackpool, about the rapid growth of Blogs and Social Media like Twitter, and am always telling staff that we need to be using this new medium to communicate with each other but I have a confession…………. Yes I am registered on them, but I don’t actually use them, 2012 is the year that I will start to use this social media to collaborate with other educators – this brings me to the reason as to why I am writing this blog,  The Educational Technology Creative Collective.

As professionals I believe that we should all be sharing our best practice with other professionals, and with the use of the internet this can now be done on a global scale.   As we hear all the time “technology is changing so quickly that its hard to keep up” but do we change the way we deliver our lessons at the same speed to keep up with the students?

I really enjoy collaborating with fellow educators, talking about and trying new ideas, some work and some don’t, but thats the good thing about trying new things – It doesn’t always matter if it doesn’t work. As long as the good digital technologies enhances education in such a way that it outweighs the not so good digital technologies that we have tried then something is right.

I hope that Edtechcc will open our school doors to new ways to use digital technology that will enhance and inspire our young people we teach preparing them for jobs which don’t yet exist (now thats a hard task!!)

The end goal, in all this, is to be a better educator, be able to pass new ideas onto the staff at Collegiate so they can use it in lessons and to gain experience and understanding of different technologies oh and of course I do hope this is a fun experience and hope to meet a lot of people out of this.

Our school as just started to use Google + so I hope this shows that our SLT team is not a barrier against using new technologies.  This Year all our Year 7s have been equipped with an iPod touch so I am certainly in a position to give this new technology a try.

Over and out!

All About Me in Wordle

All About Me in Wordle